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Para-Bank in Switzerland
  • Established in 1973
  • Multiple payment services
  • Digital asset exchange: Platform is already integrated with crypto buy/sell/receive/send for BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, VET, SHIB, ADA, XRP, DOGE, RLX and EOS. Other cryptocurrencies can be added as well, including your own crypto token and any crypto pairs
  • Wallets: Integrated secure cold storage non-custodial crypto wallets. Hot wallets, cold storages (ability to add additional wallets)
  • The banking services software platform is delivered fully integrated with all banks, payment institutions, credit card processor, prepaid debit card issuer and other service providers necessary to provide the platforms multi-function capabilities listed herein.
  • The company currently does not have customers, AUM, or revenue.
  • The software platform is fully customizable
  • Permissions:
  1. provide financial, business, legal, economic, and other consulting services, perform administrative and fiduciary functions, and conduct brokerage and commission business of all kinds.
  2. may establish branches in Switzerland; participate in other companies in Switzerland and abroad; acquire similar or related companies or merge with such companies, and enter into all transactions and contracts that are suitable for promoting the purpose of the Company or that are directly or indirectly related thereto.
  3. may acquire, manage, encumber, and sell real estate, intellectual property rights and licenses of all kinds.
  4. Foreign exchange transactions between FIAT currencies and virtual assets (foreign exchange services)
  5. Foreign exchange transactions between one or more virtual assets (foreign
  6. exchange services)
  7. Participate in or provision of financial services to an issuer or seller of virtual assets (ICO services)
  8. Conduct virtual asset transactions (trading platforms or transferring virtual assets on behalf of another natural or legal person)
  9. Foreign exchange activities (forex)
  10. Commodities and precious metals trading
  11. Payment transaction services
  12. Foreign exchange trading
  13. Securities transportation and custody
  14. Credit, leasing, factoring and factoring services
  15. Funds transfer services

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