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-The specialty is their Ukrainian national bank register.

-Business model for now – Company integrates sending and payout licensed financial institutions, and banks, payment systems around the world (incl. EU, UK, Israel, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Canada, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Nepal, Pakistan)

– AEMI license issued by the FCA (all services according to license).

– Share capital: EUR 400,000.

– Supervised for AML compliance by HMRC.

– Registered with the UK GDPR ICO for data protection.

– Proprietary software for efficient money transfer processing.

– Accounts established in EU (Lithuania, Poland) +UK & Ukraine.

– Licensed to operate in Ukraine, listed in the National Bank of Ukraine’s register.

– Well-doc.

– Financial and tax reporting are outsourced to UK auditors in May 2023.

– Well-documented AML/CTF framework includes policies, procedures, and trainings provided regularly to all staff.

– Team – 9 skilled professionals of UK, Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine.

-Main Products – money transfer platform for straightforward integration with any payment systems and financial services through API.
– Current integrations facilitate cross-border money remittance payouts to natural persons, including options such as : cash payouts, cards payouts, payouts to IBAN accounts, and wallets.

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