unlimited business Opportunities.

From shelf or tailor-made companies to EMIs, you can leverage our open gateway to boundless & borderless growth prospects, skip regulatory hurdles, and further explore cash flow-generating opportunities.

ClearSky Network’s long standing experience in brokering business acquisitions and mergers has resulted in an extensive network and an impressive portfolio of businesses for sale that we are able to match with the right buyer. 

By engaging with ClearSky Network and our unique marketplaces representatives, you’ll ensure that your capital is being used to purchase the right company, for the right price, at the right time, all depending on your objective, of course. 

Be it a scenario where you’re looking to save time, skip regulatory hurdles by buying an established financial institution, exploring cash flow-generating opportunities, or seeking to expand into new territories – we’re here to offer you the right opportunities on the most attractive terms possible.

If you are selling your company and are keen to make sure the right buyer sees what you have to offer, we represent sellers as well

Focus industries

Our marketplace lists businesses from a variety of industries, but some of our main industries, where our network is especially impressive, are:

  • The payments industry – banks, EMIs, Payment Institutions
  • The online gaming / gambling / betting / sports betting industry
  • The Forex industry
  • The cryptocurrency industry
  • The cybersecurity industry