unlimited business Opportunities.

From shelf or tailor-made companies to EMIs, you can leverage our open gateway to boundless & borderless growth prospects, skip regulatory hurdles, and further explore cash flow-generating opportunities.

ClearSky Network’s long standing experience in brokering business acquisitions and mergers has resulted in an extensive network and an impressive portfolio of businesses for sale that we are able to match with the right buyer. 

By engaging with ClearSky Network and our unique marketplaces representatives, you’ll ensure that your capital is being used to purchase the right company, for the right price, at the right time, all depending on your objective, of course. 

Be it a scenario where you’re looking to save time, skip regulatory hurdles by buying an established financial institution, exploring cash flow-generating opportunities, or seeking to expand into new territories – we’re here to offer you the right opportunities on the most attractive terms possible.

If you are selling your company and are keen to make sure the right buyer sees what you have to offer, we represent sellers as well

Focus industries

Our marketplace lists businesses from a variety of industries, but some of our main industries, where our network is especially impressive, are:

  • The payments industry – banks, EMIs, Payment Institutions
  • The online gaming / gambling / betting / sports betting industry
  • The Forex industry
  • The cryptocurrency industry
  • The cybersecurity industry
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Marketing agency

Marketing & reputation Agency

Investment needed – Established well-known marketing and reputation marketing agency is looking for investment partners.
The company have been working with Athletes, Celebrities and Businesses for years .
The company have 2 major technology projects in development including a ground AI-based reputation

Established well-known marketing and reputation marketing agency is looking for investment partners.

The company have been working with Athletes, Celebrities and Businesses for years .

The company have 2 major technology projects in development including a ground AI-based reputation management and online image building mobile app as well as a state of the art social media management application and command center that will also utilize AI, analytics and reputation technologies.


crypto portal

Popular crypto and investments portal

Well known Forum portal for Cryptocurrency  looking for partners or for sale.
The portal is a community  for  real cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Well known Forum portal about Cryptocurrency and investments looking for partners, investors,or for sale.
Portal is now open to public, a community for  real cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Alexa rank under 50k
14000-15000 UU per day
More than 7000 daily threads

forum topics :
Crypto Currency discussion
Promotion of new technology
Blockchain and crypto news
Trading discussions
Market Strategies

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Gaming Network

Multilingual Gaming Network with traffic

huge multilingual gaming network with traffic is offered for sale.
Content is dedicated to Flash and HTML5 games divided by topic.


offer includes both second-level domains and subdomains that function as a separate language website .
Each page contains an unique text (description) from 100 to 1000 words written by the editor.

Traffic shows stable growth throughout the entire time period .
• Page views: more than 2.4 million per month
• Number of sites: 140 (domains: 82 / subdomains: 58)
• Date of creation: 2013-2019
• Languages: 14
• No Links to third-party resources

All the necessary assistance will be provided in moving websites to the new owner.

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Crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchange with 25K+ Users

Operating crypto exchange with 25k registered users for sale.
Launched  three years ago.
Several additional services have been developed-multi-level token staking with a referral program.

Operating crypto exchange with more then 25k registered users for sale
Launched three years ago .
4 platforms: web, iOS, Android, telegram bot
The platform code passed independent
safety review concerning errors and holes.
It guarantees secure work and external attacks protection.

Trading platform key features:
Advanced wallet management
Strong security
Fast trading engine
Mobile interface




Bingo game

Bingo game with 80k DAU

A free-to-play mobile bingo game that is monetized using in-app purchases (no ad revenue). A mobile bingo game, with the algorithm, built using classic bingo rules. The game is primarily played in the USA, with the target audience being bingo players. The game has over 80k active daily users.

The game was released in 2017 and had been in development since early 2016.

The game was created using the Unity game development engine and the code base is fully updated.

Over the past 3 years, this game has generated a good amount of revenue for the owners. Even without a marketing budget, it has consistently generated revenue. Going forward, with minimal support and updates, the game will keep on generating revenues well into the future due to Bingo being an evergreen genre.

Highlights & Key Assets:

  • The game has been a top-ranking Bingo App on the Google Play store for the last 3 years.
  • Over 1 million downloads.
  • DAU = 83K+
  • Downloads are from App Store Optimization (ASO) for the game.
  • Growth potential – The game is currently available in only 7 countries.


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Company in Estonia

Ready made company in Estonia

Registered Main business activity – IT & Software development.
the business activities of the company can be changed
The company have two bank accounts and a  local director

Crypto authorizations – on request.
Active SWIFT & SEPA bank account in BARCLAYS BANK
Multicurrency bank account in Cyprus EMI
Bank account in Lithuanian EMI
Providing a local director, office, support in the first months – on request.
No debts, no penalties, 100% good standing.

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Forex Company

Forex company with cysec license

The company can act as a broker for Forex, CFD, and commodities.
License STP type Reception and transmission of orders Custody of assets.
The license allows the company to operate as a Forex broker in the EU and throughout the world.

The company has Audited financial statements And two  bank accounts in EU banks.

There is a board of directors, consisting from 1 executive and 2 non executive directors.

Minimal required capital in accordance with legislation of Cyprus -125 000 EUR

  • Safekeeping and administration of financial instruments, including custodianship and related services.
  • Granting credits or loans to one or more financial instruments, where the firm granting the credit or loan is involved in the transaction.
  • Foreign exchange services where these are connected to the provision of investment services
  • The company can also provide monetary remittance services and foreign exchange services
  • The company can receive and hold client’s funds
  • The company can manage any client assets worldwide
  • License holder permissions:
  • buying and selling, etc. of securities with high liquidity such as stocks and corporate bonds, etc. (dealing business, broker business, selling business, private placement dealing business, clearing business, market derivatives transactions, int.intermediary, brokerage, and agency service, etc. of securities, etc.),
  • over-the-counter derivatives business,
  • securities underwriting business,
  • proprietary trading system (PTS) businesses,
  • securities, etc. management business, etc.