Our global network of business solutions provides its clients with the services they need internationally and domestically through its local offices in multiple jurisdictions worldwide.

Today’s definition of business success is connected to adaptability – only those who think strategically, stay informed, navigate through new challenges and capitalize on business trends can resist and thrive in today’s markets. Moreover, gaining this upper hand requires information from different domains and not only the ability to harmoniously connect it, but also to cultivate & adjust it to the company’s unique values and identity.

ClearSky is a network that connects your vision to your company’s full potential to give you comprehensive, integrated solutions and services for your business’ success.

Services & Solutions

Our access to countless financial institutions and payment solutions coupled with our expertise in finance international allows us to save you time (no more time-consuming research and lengthy documentation opening up bank accounts), money (from classic solutions to alternative payments, we always do our best to make sure that you’re paying as few fees as possible) and ensure that your funds are secure and available when you need them.

Above all else, we always do our due diligence so that your business will be compliant with the latest standards regulations and in good standing with all relevant financial institutions.

We specialize in dealing with complex organizational structures and developing integrated services that aim to streamline operations and ensure optimal efficiency under the right legal framework.

From corporate restructuring to staffing & headhunting, we offer custom-tailored strategies to surpass any challenge, in any market and in any territory that your business aims to succeed in.

Our corporate services capabilities are unsurpassed due to our unique blend between legal, licensing & regulatory services coupled with marketing & advertising capabilities, projects & operational management and payments &, banking solutions.

Eliminate legal uncertainty & risk from your business operations with our licensing & regulation services – our capabilities ensure that you can safely navigate complex regulatory environments (including gambling & crypto-related investments) and run your business efficiently knowing we’ve done our due diligence to keep you in good standing with the relevant institutions.

We cover everything from anti-money laundering advisory services to acquiring the licenses you need to expand your business into new territories & markets.

Spending your marketing budget efficiently and proving a positive return on investment is

already hard, but it becomes exponentially harder in new territories markets. Our team has the expertise to implement sophisticated online & offline advertising campaigns as part of marketing strategies meant to unlock your business’ full potential.

Optimize your marketing operations with ClearSky’s integrated solutions and start assigning positive returns on investment to your marketing budget.

Business For Sale

Today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s challenges require you to think & act fast, so our fully functional companies up for sale allow you to move as quickly as possible and skip waiting for times, complex documentation and legal blockers.

From shelf companies & various licensed businesses to active financial institutions, we offer functional businesses that you can operate since day one and turn your vision into reality. Coupled with our integrated business development services, you can achieve your goals fast, efficiently.

Expansions and setting up new businesses are stress-free with ClearSky’s integrated services Balkan. We streamline the expansion process by offering specialized end to end business development services, ranging from company incorporations & licensing to setting up call centers, offices, staffing them, and putting expert marketers, lawyers, managers and more at your company’s service in the Balkan.

On top of everything, we offer full operational management and ensure that your new Balkan company is operating optimally within the best legal and tax frameworks so that you can focus on your core business.

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Discover the value of integrated business solutions with ClearSky – our services are custom-tailored to ensure that your business is operating as smoothly as possible with minimal stress by helping you overcome your challenges in a fast and efficient manner.

Choose ClearSky and experience a partnership that solves countless problems. One partner, one vision and one goal: ensuring your business’ success.

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