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Showcase your potential, and we will protect your business interests as well as your clients’ privacy. As e-Commerce is no longer only about commerce, Clearsky Network can help you maneuver your online presence while limiting risk exposure.

Business Opportunities

There is an increasing number of demands and expectancies in forced digitalization and transparency regarding payment options and data collection from the general buyer’s side. On the other side, regulatory institutions are developing and adapting legal frameworks at an accelerating pace to protect consumers and regulate digital markets, sometimes at the expense of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Tacking into such complex matters can be a challenging task, but not for Clearsky Network. Our solutions aim to streamline and optimize your e-Commerce business operations from day one in a fully-compliant and resilient framework.


As such, our Internet Business & eCommerce services are crucial when dealing with:

Privacy & Data Protection

The recent years have brought up more inclusive responsibilities for companies as regulations in this field have become increasingly stringent to ensure transparent practices within GDPR’s framework and, if applicable, the California Consumer Privacy Act. As such, our tactical team of lawyers is well acquainted with the industries’ best practices and can guarantee legal compliance in setting and respecting Terms of Use Agreements (including Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, General Conditions, DMCA compliance) and online privacy.


Website Agreements

Digital customers have to be aware of the terms of use, their rights, responsibilities, and by having straightforward and thorough website agreements, your business will be protected from confusion, enforcement actions, and liability, especially in Today’s market, where consumer data is heavily used.

Our comprehensive set of services cover:

  • Website Development Agreements
  • End-User License Agreements
  • User rights and permissions
  • Proper use of services
  • Payment details
  • Refunds policy
  • Ancillary IT agreements (including maintenance and support arrangements, integration services, service level agreements, modifications, confidentiality agreements, and escrow arrangements)


Social Media Law

As social media presence has become a marketing norm, companies have to face the potential legal dangers and risks surrounding social business accounts. To avoid claims of infringement and brand confusion, Clearsky Network can provide services aimed at:

  • Advisory services regarding Social Media Law Compliance & Trainings to promote the fair use of intellectual property assets;
  • We are safeguarding our clients’ online reputation while promoting their freedom of speech in branding strategies.


Intellectual Property, Trademark infringement, impersonation, and username squatting cessation services

Trademarks & username accounts are constituent aspects of each brand’s identity. Our e-Commerce services cover such sensitive matters, ranging from cyberpiracy, domain name disputes, trade secrets to reseller dealer violations, domestic and international trademark watch services. Despite the challenges that might arise, our experienced team provides ongoing advisory. Shield your creation, protect your brand.

Clearsky Network’s E-commerce services cover a broad spectrum of laws related to technological practices and business-centric issues surrounding Consumer Law, Technology Law, Privacy Law. Coupled with our comprehensive Payment solutions and corporate services, we can help you set up an end-to-end business operation, from its licensing to headhunting key players within the market.

In such an emerging industry, freedom of speech expression is vital. Contact us today for tailored e-Commerce solutions.
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