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The global social acceptance of frontier technology has accelerated the early adoption of the Internet of Things & data science; we now live in an era where the online and offline environment gap is unnoticeable. However, the changes within the regulatory landscape and the customer’s transitory expectations are striking – make a compliant entrance & align your business goals with its potential with Clearsky Network’s custom-tailored resources & solutions.

Business Opportunities

At the forefront of global economic uncertainties and market volatility, worldwide financial companies, from card issuers and processors, banks to investment management, insurance companies, brokerages, and regulatory agencies, are the subjects of the interchanging shifts within the regulatory landscape.

With growing pressure towards legal conformity, financial businesses are forced to contend with extensive regulatory substructures. Additionally, they are driven to act upon their clients’ diversified needs, bringing a new set of challenges regarding secure payments, data protection, and providing a refined customer experience.

Our experience in regulatory and transaction matters has enabled us to develop an invaluable perspective when dealing with our clients’ pressing matters to ensure their businesses are safeguarded at every step of the process. As such, by Clearsky Network’s nature, our financial industry-centric solutions are directed towards:


Registration and Licensing

Convoluted and confusing to some, the registration and licensing process can be turned into an exciting venture with Clearsky Network. We take pride in our end-to-end approach, from incorporation and administration of a New Company, secretarial services to risk management, and we can help you navigate registration and authorization, including governance, compliance systems, and regulatory capital.

As such, throughout our partnership, we offer ongoing assistance with the licensing process for any corporations (including authorized financial institutions) who intend to carry out any of the regulated activities (such as dealing in securities, dealing in futures contracts, and advising) and to any individual who plans to carry out the actions on behalf of a licensed corporation.

Our abilities are focused, but not exclusive, on:

  • Licensing for Crypto/ Forex (including Seychelles Securities Dealer License and Market Maker License);
  • Gaming & Gambling;
  • E-money Licensing;
  • Financial Licensing;
  • Banking Licensing.

Regardless of the type of license, you are seeking (onshore/ offshore, or industry-based), our support comprises preparation and filing of the necessary documents, legal representation in front of regulatory bodies, the reviewal of your corporate structure eligibility, company organization & corporate structuring, licensing maintenance & renewal, and other custom services to fit your needs and best interests. Building more credibility whilst mitigating risk starts here.


Accounting Operations & Tax Advisory

Our proficient & multidisciplinary global team develops and executes specialized tax transaction strategies designed for your business needs while holding onto their extensive knowledge of cross-border transactions and tax compliance matters. Reducing your taxes while maximizing your market performance is our hallmark, and we can consolidate it with:

  • Tax Advice on transfer pricing, VAT, customs duties, local & domestic taxes, income/ salary taxes & assistance during tax audits;
  • International Tax Structuring;
  • Tax Reviews & Risks Management;
  • Ongoing service during tax litigation processes.


Banking & Payments

Regarding this sector, our scope is the provision of tailored payment solutions. As business models, targets, and markets of interest create differences in the strategies we plan out, our portfolio incorporates PSPs, bank accounts, wire solutions (EMI), payment services of e-money, and alternative payment methods.

Our extensive & borderless network enabled us to create valuable partnerships with local, regional, and international providers to benefit our clients’ growth endeavors.


Intellectual Property and Copyright Advisory

Fostering your innovation and gaining legal security has never been easier. We help our clients map the quality of their business IP assets, develop specific IP strategies, and successfully implement them, regardless of their core specialty.

In such a competitive market, we stand by our clients’ businesses’ value and assets and help them generate new revenue streams, all aimed at maximizing your return on investments on your IP assets.

  • IP Audit;
  • Commercial IP Due Diligence;
  • IP Commercialization;
  • Counseling in case of Intellectual Property Litigation.


Privacy & Data Security

From Terms of Use Agreements (including Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, General Conditions) to information security, advising on cybercrime prosecutorial matters, cyber risk management, class action defense, and complex commercial transactions, our team is well equipped in supporting you digitalize and protect your business. Our holistic approach will guarantee your ongoing guidance from a flow assurance stance after potential risks have been assessed and strategized.


Regardless of your business’ specifications, we can help you successfully navigate the regulatory landscape and banking options, all while mitigating risk and proactively strategizing your next transformation.

Regulatory matters might be encrypted, but communication doesn’t have to be. Reach out here:
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