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Early entrepreneurial adopters within the booming Fintech industry have managed to adapt their developmental path and utilize the market’s full potential by mediating between non-traditional transactions and the general population. We can help Fintech companies of all sizes be a part of this momentous digitized change and get a share of this unique market in a safe, legal, strategic and smart way. Adapt & transform to conquer the Fintech market. Innovation starts here.

Business Opportunities

For a long time, the financial sector was characterized by conservatism, tradition and resistance to change, but in recent years the financial services industry, also known as Fintech, has experienced enormous changes, and these changes are not expected to lose steam in any way in the future.

Consumers, banks, businesses of all sizes, governments and governmental agencies and many others alike benefit and appreciate the innovative products presented by the Fintech sector so it is hardly surprising that Fintech in various forms has altered multiple aspects of market operations, interactions with various partners and customers, as well as entire economies.

ClearSky Network is able to provide a broad spectrum of various services tailored to this specific industry, due to our vast network and connections in the Fintech world, in addition to our long-lasting experience with it and niche expertise.

Some of the most in demand services ClearSky Network offers the Fintech industry

ClearSky Network works closely with Fintech businesses at all stages, from start ups needing funding or licensing to established companies expanding to new markets and more.

Therefore, businesses in the Fintech industry can benefit from a wide range of options, including:

  • Regulatory Compliance and Advisory in Multiple Verticals & Business Models,
  • Licensing and regulation consulting and hands on work with licensing and regulation processes,
  • Consumer protection consulting,
  • Data protection consulting,
  • Corporate structuring,
  • Company incorporation in various jurisdictions,
  • Tax structuring,
  • Contract drafting and editing,
  • M&A specific consulting and hands on work, in order to safeguard every step of the deals and ensure their legal compliance in a minimized risk setting,
  • Joint venture specific consulting and hands on work,
  • Multiple party cooperation specific consulting and hands on work,
  • Partnership due diligence,
  • Industry briefings,
  • Intellectual property related issues,
  • Advisory for investors and partners interested in entering the industry,
  • Advisory for companies and startups in need of capital raising (whether in exchange for equity or revenue loans etc.),
  • Expansion related consulting, both for expanding a company itself, as well as entering new markets globally.

Examples of products/services/technologies/markets ClearSky Network has experience with

Providing an all encompassing list of products, services, technologies and markets we have experience with is difficult, if not impossible, due to the fast pace of the Fintech industry in general, and due to the fast launch of new products and services in particular.

However, some of the products and service types we have most experience with thus far are:

  • E-payment platforms and payment gateways, such as credit card processing, wire Transfers and so called alternative payments,
  • Online Capital Markets,
  • Blockchain & distributed ledger technologies,
  • Cryptocurrency technology,
  • Cryptocurrency mining,
  • Mobile payments,
  • Payment apps,
  • Digital wallets,
  • Mobile wallets,
  • Smart contracts,
  • Digital assets,
  • Regtech,
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Fintech applications and products,
  • Financial fraud detection software,
  • Peer to peer lending.

Think ClearSky Network could help your business?

Since each business has it’s unique circumstances, strategies and goals, however, we recommend you to book a free, non-binding consultation with us if you know you need assistance with your Fintech business and helping it reach its’ full potential, so we can tailor a service package specifically for you.

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