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From residential housing to commercial real estate development, real estate investment and asset growth & maturation are fraught with legal challenges, and we’re here to guide you through the complex maze of local and national laws, and we’ll ensure your project comes to fruition.

Business Opportunities

We combine a local presence with global experience to offer our clients a plethora of legal and consulting services custom-tailored to all sizes of investments and real estate developments.

Our real estate lawyers help our firm’s clients satisfy their business’ real estate needs and expectations by providing them a blue-ribbon service, which includes personal attention, high responsiveness, and professionalism from both business and legal standpoints.

Fluent in multiple languages, our real estate team is capable of providing services in various areas of real estate, and mainly in the fields of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Real Estate development, construction, and marketing, both in Israel and overseas.

This wide array of specializations enables our real estate lawyers to offer a holistic and efficient service without comprising their unique personal touch. Furthermore, working with us means that you manage a single relationship and develop a trustworthy partner that will continuously represent you in front of payment institutions, regulatory bodies and will always hold your best legal interest in mind.

Key Actionable Sectors

Our diligent real estate legal team represents local and international private and corporate businesses in a variety of sectors, such as:

  • Residential Housing;
  • Planning and Zoning;
  • Urban Renewal;
  • Project Financing;
  • Banking;
  • Real Estate Fund;
  • Mezzanine Funds;
  • Decentralized Financing and Crypto;
  • Infrastructures;
  • Hi-End residential projects;
  • Taxes – International taxation and real estate taxation;
  • Municipal law and taxation;
  • Tenders;


Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Development

Endorsed by well-chosen assets, real estate development actions can guarantee a predictable cash flow and a sustainable diversification in revenue streams. Since investment properties can further increase your capital gains due to their appreciation in time, our thorough myriad of solutions is directed towards adding value to your portfolio with compelling gateways.


Construction Law

Clearsky Network provides ongoing legal advisory and representation throughout the entire construction phases, starting with the land acquisition and obtaining the proper building permits to post-construction dispute resolution, such as construction defects, contract issues & project management. Our approach’s core scope is to successfully develop a strategy that will ensure your construction operations, together with the prevention of costly future litigation. In essence, our assistance’s spectrum converges:

  • Contract preparation/ documentation and project administration;
  • Construction claims and litigation;
  • Targeted legal representation;
  • Government and public contracts;
  • Governmental compliance;
  • Advisory services regarding construction warranty (litigation, mediation, arbitration).


International taxation and real estate taxation

Taking into account real estate’s value within a country’s economy, together with its potential in value increase, real estate investors can benefit from a multitude of calculated tax breaks and deductions, depending on the jurisdiction of interest. Our pragmatic team can help you steer the market’s hidden benefits and avail the opportunities brought up by owning, operating, and managing a property.


Take your first step towards a solid legal foundation and consider allowing us to handle your key legal contracts & agreements. Our experienced lawyers are here to map out all your business’ needs and ensure that you’re covered on every legal aspect we’re here to safeguard your operations and help you reach your targets from day one.

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