Corporate Services: One Contact Point, Infinite Business Development Opportunities

Elevate your business’s independence and further explore its potential in a fully compliant regulatory framework. Witness the realm of possibilities provided by ClearSky Network’s personalized corporate solutions portfolio and add successful business transformation into your daily operations.

Business Opportunities

It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to seek professional corporate services providers as the regulatory framework in many jurisdictions is becoming more complex. A professional corporate services provider, such as ClearSky Network, makes sure your business is in compliance with everything necessary, as well as helps you streamline your operations, while making sure to both protect and promote your brand at the same time.

In other words, most businesses can really benefit from the professional expertise of a professional corporate services provider in order to minimize the time spent on compliance and regulatory, as well as administrative and strategic affairs, and help the business run smoother.


What corporate services does ClearSky Network provide?

Depending on each client’s needs, plans for the future, and expectations, ClearSky Network can recommend one or more of the following services:

  • Regulation

– Complying with the current legislation and the rules by a certain regulator in a specific jurisdiction.

– Complying with industry-specific legislation.

  • Complying with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing legislation.
  • Dealing with labor law issues.
  • Complying with tax reporting duties.
  • Ongoing legal and compliance advice.
  • Corporate structuring and re-structuring.
    • All the strategic guidance required in order to build and operate a successful business, according to the business’ specific needs and requirements.
    • Optimizing company structures, for new or existing businesses, in order to fully take advantage of any tax benefits possible or to adjust to its development needs.
    • Offshore/onshore structuring.
    • Shareholder structures and needs.
    • Registering companies, including preparing all documentation needed, submitting it and answering any queries from the regulator and authorities in question.

– Nominee & Fiduciary Trustees

As required in the country of interest, including:

  • Directorship and secretarial services;
  • Provision of registered office;
  • Offshore professional management services;
  • Opening and operating banking accounts;
  • Offshore account signatory services;
  • Third-party nominee services from offshore protection;
  • Local representation in relationship with relevant institutions or associations.


Company Relocation Management

  • Ensuring all legal requirements are met (incorporation, structuring, licensing, etc.)
  • Finding new offices.
  • Staffing potential new offices with key personnel.
  • Optimizing the day-to-day operations in the new location in various ways.


Who are our clients?

ClearSky Network’s clients are both startups, as it is important for emerging businesses to adopt a strategic position from an early stage in order to ensure the ability of the company to penetrate the market, to mid-size and established companies, and multinational, large corporations.

Our clients are scattered all over the world, and having multiple offices across the globe has not only given us the ability to practically empathize with the unavoidable hassles businesses have to face when incorporating into a non-English-speaking country, as well as with all the limitations and advantages that arise from such decision but also has empowered us to build local teams of professionals who can assist and guide you throughout the process. This is the main advantage of ClearSky Network: our team and our representatives are where you and your business are, too.

Outstanding entrepreneurship comes with many challenges, but you do not have to face them on your own. In ClearSky Network you will find one partner and countless corporate issues solved. Contact us in order to get started, and elevate your business to the next level.
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