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Navigate the relevant regulations & challenges for your business with our pragmatic and diligent team of professionals’ assistance in a wide range of sensitive legal matters. Policies and legislations might be continuously changing, but our dedication remains stable. We are ready to represent your best interests all the time, at the right time, with the right resources.

Business Opportunities

Most types of online businesses (from affiliate marketing sites, digital marketing companies, e-commerce companies, marketplaces, online platforms, online brokerages, payment institutions, cryptocurrency companies such as cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets, online gaming and online gambling companies, and others) face expanding demands and requirements as the regulatory environments become more challenging, complex and innovative in order to meet the new issues arising from the new online domain.

This external pressure is often combined with a wish to increase revenue and improve margins, all while ensuring that the business targets are attained in new and/or sometimes uncertain markets.

Therefore it is increasingly important for online businesses to be regulated, and additionally, it is often of utmost importance to choose the jurisdiction for regulation wisely, as not all jurisdictions offer the same benefits and prestige.

Most business owners or managers are not knowledgeable about enough jurisdictions to be able to make an informed decision about where to license their business, nor do they know enough about the regulatory process itself to be able to execute it in the most efficient way.

This is where ClearSky Network comes in. Our team consists of lawyers impressively experienced with the regulatory process for a range of different licenses for online businesses, in a large amount of different jurisdictions, including the most attractive jurisdictions for each type of license.

Additionally, we partner with law firms in several countries that have unrivaled expertise when it comes to licensing and regulation in their respective countries.

Although we have the necessary prerequisites and the extensive knowledge to accommodate the concerns of most verticals, our core practices are directed towards:


Capital Markets Regulation & Licensing

Asset management, regulatory & ongoing advisory, prime services/ equities, mergers & acquisitions, derivatives.


Brokerage & Investment Firm Regulation & Licensing

Our cross-industry experience encompasses a wide range of licensing & regulation services for the industry, a complete spectrum of equity, debt, and hybrid instruments issued by international companies, including FCA (the UK), CYSEC (Cyprus), CONSOB (Italy), BaFin (Germany), SEC and CFTC (the USA), ASIC (Australia) and many others to ensure our clients’ needs are properly addressed, and proactively strategized;


Regulation & Licensing for Funds & Trusts 

Our experienced team can help navigate through choosing the suitable type of trust and guide you towards the understanding of every trust’s role in their overall financial planning. After we reach a consensus, we will carefully draft the necessary documents and negotiate the best terms on their behalf to mitigate risk and stimulate growth in a suitable environment;


Regulation & Licensing for other Financial Institutions


Regulation & Licensing for Payment Institutions

On one side, we offer legal support for businesses that are payment institutions and are involved in remittances, payment transactions, and foreign exchange, while, from the other side, we can also make terms with legal issues & requirements stemming from working with various payment institutions locally, regionally and internationally;


iGaming & iGambling

From incorporation and corporate structuring to deal negotiation and business intelligence activities, we provide advisory services to ensure compliance, planning, and full support of the operations’ setup on a suitable platform;


Crypto exchanges & Crypto wallets

As cryptocurrencies-related businesses are one of our specialties, we are well acquainted with their vulnerabilities that derive from the speed and anonymity associated with online trading, and we are properly equipped to address them (including wallets, exchanges, and the complex issues around them);


Compliance AML Advisory & Training

We provide anti-money laundering advisory to ensure the identification of data breaches or suspicious activities to eliminate financial or legal scrutiny, assisting with money-laundering allegations and concerns while providing scalable and foolproof KYC processes to identify and verify users.


Examples of the jurisdictions we are well acquainted with

Some of the most sought after jurisdictions, where ClearSky Network has a lot of experience with regulation and licensing are the Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Seychelles, Labuan, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland, Bahamas, Estonia, Cyprus, Malta, the United Kingdom, and Luxembourg.

At Clearsky Network, we have developed a portfolio of end-to-end services to enable our clients to surpass any regulatory issue conducive to stimulating growth, streamlining their business operations from a legal standpoint, all in a fully-compliant framework. Consequently, regardless of the core industry, throughout our partnerships, starting with licensing, our team of well-versed lawyers provide ongoing legal representation and advisory to cover the need of all growing and expanding corporations in the pursuance of diversifying, structuring, and protecting the company’s capital. Manage your business goals – we’ll take care of the rest. Explore your business’ potential by contacting us today.
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