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Business Opportunities

The banking and payments landscape today is more complex than it ever has been, as digital innovation has introduced a wide range of new mobile and online payment solutions and products.  While this is generally a good thing, as it fosters both financial inclusion from the consumers’ side and the promotion of universal access to financial services, all the options are generally not equally suitable or accessible to all businesses.

From a business standpoint, the situation is further complicated by issues related to compliance with international and domestic laws that can guarantee safe transactions and data privacy and high responsiveness to customer’s needs on one side, and the business’s own payment needs on the other side.

Additionally, many banks are known to only work with local businesses in their home jurisdiction, making finding a suitable bank very difficult for those who for various purposes might need a bank account in a country where they are not actually permanently residing. Some banks also refuse to open accounts and provide credit cards etc. for certain types of businesses, limiting the options of certain businesses significantly.

Choosing a bank or payments provider is therefore not as straightforward as one might imagine before actually setting off to do it.


How can ClearSky Network help you streamline your banking or payment solutions?

ClearSky Network’s extensive experience with international business and commerce has enabled us to provide a variety of solutions in terms of opening banking, payments and merchant accounts, with varying fees and degrees of flexibility, all in order to suit the client’s needs and wishes as much as possible.

We are therefore well equipped to:

  • Offer personalized recommendations for each business.
  • Introducing each client to a bank and/or payment provider that will accept their type of business for a corporate account.
  • Prepare all the documentation that is needed in order for the account/s to be opened.
  • Monitoring and offering hands-on assistance as needed for the entire opening process.
  • Adding on more services, such as online banking, credit cards, besides the account, if needed.
  • Offer ongoing guidance and advisory services throughout the process.
  • Introduce various software and cashier solutions – suitable for payment cascading and risk management tools.

What sets us apart

Unlike other consultancy firms, ClearSky Network is able to do this in many jurisdictions worldwide, including in some complex jurisdictions. We can also assist clients dealing with substantial or larger than usual amounts, thanks to our unprecedented network.


Examples of key payment solutions many ClearSky clients request

Some of the most popular payment solutions that many of our clients ask for are:

  • Wire solutions (C2B, B2B)
  • Credit card processing
  • Alternative payments
  • Crypto exchanges


ClearSky Network is therefore well positioned in particular to assist anyone looking for these, or similar payment solutions.


What industries do we serve?

Our clients requesting assistance with their banking and payments services come from a multitude of industries, but some of the industries that we deal with most often include:

  • Fintech
  • Companies dealing with blockchain or cryptocurrencies
  • Forex,
  • Regtech,
  • iGaming and iGambling companies (casino, sports betting, scratch cards, etc.)
  • Hi-tech companies (companies dealing with Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, etc.)
  • e-Commerce companies.


Who do we work with?

Due to our long experience, we have made connections with many different banks and other payment providers all over the world, resulting in an impressive and unmatched network that our clients benefit from today.

We work with some of the biggest banks in the world, in the top, prestigious jurisdictions, but also smaller, niche payments providers for clients who prefer or could benefit from that. We also have connections in several offshore jurisdictions, within the EU, and everything in between.

Due to that, we are confident that most clients should be able to find a suitable solution for their banking and payment needs through us, no matter what their preferences and circumstances happen to be.

Our only limitation when it comes to banks and financial institutions that we work with is that we only work with partners who offer both online banking and international credit cards, as we’ve found practically all our clients are in need of both in order to be able to handle all their banking and payments issues efficiently on a day to day basis.

Regardless of the banking or payment solution you are seeking, Clearsky Network can be a reliable partner, especially when it comes to sensitive or time-consuming matters. Clearsky Network’s Payment & Banking services can and will empower your brand through instant and secure payment solutions for your company and for your clients. Whenever money is in motion, we are here to safeguard your capital and further stimulate its growth in a legally compliant environment. Unlock efficient payment solutions & optimize your business operations by contacting us today!
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