Our corporate services ensure that your company can establish and maintain a strong foothold in any new territory and market you’ve planned on expanding to. We offer integrated services and solutions meant to spearhead international expansions and relocation, with the added benefit of available local teams with experience and knowledge of the market. We level the playing field in any new country of your choosing.

Our Corporate Services

From incorporating and structuring your company to best fit local legal frameworks and tax legislation to staffing new offices and finding key talent, our corporate services have been devised and optimized to help you streamline new expansions and address pain points without wasting time & resources. Our physical presence in the countries and markets we serve is an added benefit since we can scale operations much faster and we have the advantage of local experience, contacts and already built networks we can leverage to help your business succeed.

Corporate Services List

Corporate Structuring & Re-Structuring

Our corporate structuring services are a custom-tailored solution, taking into consideration both local legal & regulatory requirements and your business’ specific needs and requirements. We assist new corporate customers throughout all stages of structuring, and we also offer corporate restructuring services to customers with an existing business in need of optimization, in order to fully take advantage of any tax benefits possible or to adjust to changing needs.

Company Incorporation & Administration

Our team of local experts is at your disposal to guide you through all the decisions and steps required to incorporate your new business and set it up for success. We manage all the heavy lifting, paperwork, and communications to ensure that your company is incorporated according to your specifications.

Once incorporated, you have access to a range of administrative and management services to ensure that your company remains in good standing with relevant institutions and that you can focus on your core business.

As a provider of integrated business development services, we offer a broad range of post-incorporation services, ranging from financial, legal, staffing, marketing & sales support solutions to comprehensive operational support for any larger project your company might have.

Management & Control

From in-depth auditing to corporate governance, we offer a complete range of management services to ensure that your business is run efficiently, your capital is invested effectively, and you maintain complete oversight and control during the business’ lifecycle.

We offer transparency, accountability, and security, as per our company’s values.

Nominee & Fiduciary Trustees

We provide a full package of professional nominee and fiduciary services, implemented by experienced lawyers and financial experts, in order to ensure both privacy and flexibility in running your finances as you see fit. Coupled with our Legal & Regulatory Services division, we can set up various funds & trusts depending on your exact requirements and specifications.

Company Relocation Management

The logistics and legal implications behind a company relocation process can be, at times intimidating, especially with international relocations, but our team’s expertise in multiple industries and domains will ensure that the whole process goes smoothly.

From ensuring all legal requirements are met (incorporation, structuring, licensing, etc.) to finding new offices, staffing them, and optimizing your new day-to-day operations, we’re ready to take on any relocation project.

Local Substance & Staffing

Determining the appropriate level of local substance to comply with new financial regulations and demonstrating that compliance is both a science and an art. a broad take advantage of many tax optimization benefits around the world, we can provide the logistical services (including staffing) required to demonstrate sufficient physical substance to justify your profits in a some jurisdictions.

While local economic substance laws vary wildly from country to country, we’re ready to evaluate your specific situation and make the appropriate recommendations.

Explore Custom Corporate Services

It’s time to optimize, consolidate and secure the future of your business. By working with us, you’ll have an international team of management, marketing, finance and law experts to back you up in any new endeavor and to ensure that your capital is protected at the same time. Partner with Clearsky Network and ensure that your next actions are taken on a solid foundation and in the right direction.

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