We employ a diverse and experienced legal team to help you navigate complex regulatory environments, and we do all the heavy lifting to ensure that all your legal needs are being met, from incorporations and corporate structuring to licensing and regulatory advisory. Focus on your core business and let us handle the paperwork.

Licensing & Regulation

Our network of partners and financial institutions, allows us to offer you unsurpassed services when it comes to streamlining your operations from a legal standpoint and ensuring you remain in good standing with all relevant institutions. We’ve developed complete solutions that cover the need of all growing & expanding corporations, plus high net worth individuals looking to diversify, structure, and protect their capital.

Licensing and Regulation Services

Capital Markets Regulation & Licensing

Regulations surrounding capital markets and securities bring some of the most complex legal issues you might encounter and can vary wildly from region to region and country to country, so having a legal team to advise you and ensure you are not exposed to unwelcome financial scrutiny is vital. From licensing various capital markets services to creating hedge funds, we are here to help you achieve your goals in a timely, cost-effective and safe manner.

Brokerage & Investment Firms

Brokerage & investment firms are subjected to complex regulations & licensing requirements and our legal team is here to help them operate smoothly and minimize exposure to legal risks. We perform our due diligence so that the firms can focus on revenue-generating activities instead of paperwork and legal research.

Funds & Trusts

Funds & trusts are popular financial instruments that offer you safety and flexibility if they’re properly created, structured, and maintained throughout their lifespan. We use our expertise to guide you through all the decisions involved in creating & working with funds and trusts and ultimately ensure that your money is well placed.

Financial Institutions

Your partnership with us ensures that you have a trustworthy partner backing you in all matters dealing with financial institutions, protecting your investments and capital. As our client, we have your best interest in mind, and we strive to ensure that you’re getting the best deals and that your money is safe, available, and working for you.

Payment Institutions

Payment institutions across the world are being subjected to more and more regulations, and it’s become increasingly complex to work with them and to operate as a payment institution. Our services are dual-sided – we offer legal support for businesses that are payment institutions and are involved in remittances, payment transactions and foreign exchange, but we also deal with legal issues & requirements stemming from working with various payment institutions locally, regionally and internationally.

Gaming & Gambling

We have extensive expertise in dealing with all licensing & regulation issues surrounding gaming, iGaming & gambling businesses, and we’ve built complete solutions that will allow you to operate both locally and internationally without subjecting yourself to undue legal & financial scrutiny. From incorporating gambling-centric businesses to acquiring cost-saving gambling licenses that will enable you to operate legally, we’re here to provide the right framework and peace of mind.

Exchanges & Wallets

Cryptocurrency related businesses are one of our specialties, and we deal with all manners of legal, licensing & regulatory issues as with all other clients operating in various capital markets. Our team is here to ensure that your business is properly licensed at the best possible cost, that your crypto projects (including wallets, ICOs and the complex issues around them) don’t expose you to unnecessary risks and that you have all your bases covered from a legal standpoint. From launching new coins to running crypto-exchanges, we have the legal know-how and capabilities to help you succeed.

Compliance AML Advisory & Training

Our expertise and experience in anti-money laundering advisory solutions ensure that your business’ cash flow is safe and that you’re not being exposed unwillingly to the financial & legal scrutiny brought by any money laundering allegations, concerns or suspicions. To ensure your continued success, we also offer training services so that you can internalize AML best practices and keep your company safe.

Additional licensing and regulation services

Our team is always open to new challenges and projects, so don’t worry if your exact requirements aren’t listed above. We’re here to help you succeed in complex regulatory environments and enable you to focus on your core business. With physical locations in 6 countries and a globe-spanning network of partners in the form of financial institutions & law firms, we’re more than capable of handling both local, regional and international projects of immense complexity.

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