Clearsky Network Balkan projects & operations department is ready to offer you all the support you need in order to expand your operations in Serbia and the Balkan markets, with a wide variety of services, ranging from call centers and operational management to legal support, residency & work permits and even business introductions that will be valuable assets in taking your next steps in Serbia.

Our Projects & Operations Services

Starting a business in a new country or expanding your operations in Serbia can be an extraordinarily complicated and time-consuming endeavor, but with a partner like Clearsky Balkan, it can turn into a painless and exciting new step towards fulfilling your business vision. Our services are meant to reduce time-to-market, eliminate legal uncertainties and ensure that your capital is safely invested.

Clearsky Balkan Services

Company Incorporation

We offer you complete company incorporation services in Serbia and we’ve designed a painless process to ensure that your company is up and running with minimal input on your side. We take care of all steps, from collecting documents, translation & notarization to VAT registration (where it may apply), electronic signatures and more. We also provide post-incorporation services and payments & banking solutions in the same manner.

Call Center Set up

We offer a specialized, niche service in the form of complete call center setup solutions. Serbia is a popular choice in terms of establishing new call centers, with lots of multi-language solutions and experienced staff to choose from.

The service is offered as an end-to-end solution, with everything from project management to staffing and operations support being offered by Clearsky Network Balkan.

Bank Accounts & Payment Solutions

We have close ties to many financial institutions in Serbia and experience in working with all the required documentation to set your business up with the most cost-effective and flexible solutions. From standard requests such as setting up bank accounts, payment tools, merchant accounts to integrating payment gateways, our services go above & beyond the industry standard.

Accounting Services

Your company’s finances will be in good hands with our accounting teams. We take care of all standard bookkeeping & accounting services post-incorporation, including tax filings and even VAT recovery.

Depending on your situation, we can introduce you to law firms and tax advisory services in order to ensure that you’re under the most optimized tax structure possible.

Office Set up, Staffing & Headhunting

Finding the perfect location for your Serbian company headquarters is not a problem with Clearsky Balkan. Our extensive network enables us to provide headhunting services – that connect your company to key industry professionals.

Residence & Work Permits

Our team is available to help you secure the right residence permits and work permits for your employees as fast as possible. From filing all the paperwork to joining you at the relevant institutions for the last steps, we’ll be there every step of the way to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.

Operational Management

Our team is experienced in providing operational management services to companies of all sizes, and we approach operational management from an integrated perspective: blending in corporate services, legal & regulatory services and project management service so that your company runs as smoothly as possible.

From overseeing and managing the company’s financials daily to signing on board resolutions, commercial agreements (all drafted with the support of experienced legal professionals), our operational management solutions have been developed to allow you to focus on your core business and profit-generating activities.

Additional Services in Serbia

Are you ready to take your business operations to the Balkans? Get in touch with us, and we’ll work on a personalized strategy that will fulfill all your operational needs and help you achieve your objectives.

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