Specialized consulting for the iGaming, iGambling and betting industry

Whether an iGaming company is interested in market research and intelligence, commercial advice, licensing, market entry, start up services, marketing or other advisory services, the dedicated ClearSky Network gaming & gambling team can help those in this massively growing industry in a number of ways.

Business Opportunities

The connection between the general accessibility of the Internet and the excitement of gaming and gambling online has no doubt strengthened the relationship between consumers and digital experiences.

Moreover, as this vertical is expected to continue its intensive growth, new business opportunities have emerged all over the world.

However, before taking on a new iGaming project, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before approaching these very unique markets.

At Clearsky Network, we have gathered broad experience in creating, growing, leading & safeguarding gaming operations of various kinds and sizes, while providing a risk-averse, performance-oriented business development framework.

Our well-versed team of professionals specializing in the gaming and betting industry specifically are eager to provide the support required for any business, be it focused on ancillary services (game development investments, financial services, technological developments) or the day-to-day operation of online casinos or sports betting centers.

Our world-class industry partnerships together with our own unique resources and cross-functional expertise when it comes to payment solutions, legal services, and marketing options provide us the trained intuition to strategize in an optimal way for iGaming businesses all over the world.


Services offered by ClearSky Network

Our broad knowledge regarding topics such as corporate law, including licensing agreements, in multiple attractive jurisdictions, together with our familiarity with the game providers as well as their products & unique associated risks, enables us to connect you only with the most suitable solutions for your business’ unique specifications.

Leverage our top-level connections and benefit from providers with high standards of entry conditions that you might not be able to reach and cooperate on your own.

Examples of some of our most popular and relevant services for the iGaming industry include:

  • Advisory services in terms of compliance matters, including regulations specific for Internet and wireless gaming;
  • Finding and setting up the best corporate structure and banking/ company administration (these solutions are naturally specially tailored for your business model’s needs and targets).
  • Provision of the full support of the operations setup:
  • Human resources centric activities, such as headhunting of key personnel (CRM managers, Operations Managers, and recruiting support team members) according to the language of interest;
  • Overview of industry-specific service providers, as well as connecting the operator to necessary providers, such as affiliates, media buyers, and other specialists;
  • Establishing and ensuring compliance with accurate work methods.
  • Creating & setting up valuable roadmaps and business plans, according to your budget plans and P&I forecast;
  • Providing predictive market analysis, relevant sector insights, and reports on critical changes within relevant markets and jurisdictions;
  • Conducting monthly performance analysis & business intelligence-related activities;


More about our Legal Services

Our cross-functional departments have a strong focus on legal compliance – thus, legal services are a core part of our iGaming solutions offering, covering the various services required to ensure your operations keep running smoothly.

When it comes to iGaming, Gambling & Casinos, the regulatory bodies’ outlook has become more narrow in most jurisdictions in order to safeguard sensitive interactions between the brand’s persuasive power, the industry’s core addictiveness, and consumers’ risks-adversities. In such an intricate frame, Clearsky Network’s legal services portfolio encompasses strategic actions and solutions from the incorporation’s first day to ensure your business is in good standing with all the regulatory institutions, assuring compliance with gaming license requirements within and across jurisdictions.


More about how we provide full support of the operations’ setup

ClearSky Network’s unique and impressive global network is here to conceive and integrate every piece of the puzzle required for a promising start, from administrative services, ongoing legal representation to customized tax strategies, and building the premises of new business ventures.

Acting as a liaison between your company and various professional resources, our experience can be valuable in terms of:

  • Human resources activities, such as headhunting of key personnel and various specialists, assistance with interviewing, advertising the relevant positions, contracts for employees and more.
  • Training & coordination of both the tech provider as well as an operator until launch, as well as ongoing guidance;
  • Connections with various top service providers for the industry, such as payment providers and banks, depending on the company’s needs,
  • Advisory services related to the company and tax structuring,
  • Recommendations for accurate and efficient work methods, that are compliant with the regulator’s demands in each case.


More about our Business Strategy & Intelligence services

In today’s competitive markets, successfully leveraging your company’s potential requires planning, awareness of its strengths as well as vulnerabilities, and control over the path your business has a proclivity for.

Backed by extensive data and competitive intelligence, our business strategy and intelligence services aim to create a prosperous environment designed to fulfill your functional goals and militate for your business’ mission. Some of the most vital components of a successful business strategy and intelligence plan according to us are:

  • Creating & setting up company-specific roadmaps and business plans according to your budget plans and P&I forecast;
  • Defining the targeted markets and the best tactics to penetrate those markets, as well as increase brand exposure across channels;
  • Providing predictive market analysis, market insights, and information about relevant changes;
  • Conducting monthly performance analysis & other necessary business intelligence-related activities;
  • Establishing beneficial relationships with the most suitable business partnerships and SaaS partners such as web services/ affiliate systems;
  • Consulting related to industry-specific M&As, partnerships, joint ventures, and similar.
  • Protection of IP rights.

With multiple offices across the world and backed by strong international partners in the top jurisdictions for iGaming, Clearsky Network can help you achieve your business goals.

From the company’s incorporation to finding a suitable platform for your iGaming company, and everything in between and after, we can help you mitigate risks while also focusing on performance, all in a fully legally compliant environment, no matter where you end up incorporating your iGaming business.
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